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Het Gebied van het gras

About Young Knows Young

Information about the goals of Young Knows Young

The founder

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My name is Alexander Verhagen. I'm 13 years old, and I want to reach limits I never reached before.

 Me and my team all had football products that were fantastic, but we also have had products that needed to be improved.

So I started to think: how can we (the amateur athletes) play a role in the development phase of our own football products? And that is how the focus group/quality testing came up. 

I love football, and that also played a big role in how I came up with the idea of this service.


You might think: 'How serious can teens be about this?' 


There is only one real answer to that question: try us!

The team

If you want to know more about my team, it is important to know about the class I attend.


My class is named 'the sporting class'.

It unites young athletes with different backgrounds, physiques and interests. But we all have one thing in common:

we love sports!


My classmates, my football team mates, and I are the perfect football product testers. And we are all excited to improve your football products.

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