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Our company

Young athletes representing young athletes 


Personalized focus groups

We will personalize our focus group and test critiria on your needs as much as possible.

To fulfill your needs optimally. 

We test football products/adverts that are meant for young athletes. The focus groups will be based on our first impression.

Why Young Knows Young (YKY)?

Young Knows Young is a representation of the current teen community in Amsterdam. We've gathered a network of diverse teens who represent that community.

YKY prepares/gathers teens for focus groups. We select the teens. And we inform them about the focus group and what's expected of them. To provide an effective service.

I founded YKY to take the concerns and responsibilities whilst working with teens away, and turn them into reliabilities. 

In which stage do we test?

Young Knows Young
No responsibility, but reliability

Accurate product strategy

Young Knows Young provides insights into your football products/adverts, by representing the teens of today.

You can use our feedback in making decisions in the products' commercialization/development.

We represent the voice of dedicated and fit teens who love football, are well educated and who live in a big city (Amsterdam). 

Representing Amsterdam

Test with passion

Our team represents teens in Amsterdam. We may not be really special, but that's why we represent all teens in Amsterdam optimally. 

Every tester does have a big passion for football.

Modern insights

Teenagers have changing preferences and tastes. What is cool today might be outdated tomorrow.


We make sure your products and commercials are modern and not outdated in the eyes of teens!

Testing for young athletes, by young athletes= Young Knows Young

Het Gebied van het gras

If you’d like more information about our YKY, get in touch today.

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